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The quiet rural village of Llanfynydd is set in a sheltered valley some ten kilometres to the north of the A40 and the River Towy.

The landscape is characterised by steep-sided valleys topped by rugged windswept uplands. A rich mosaic of pasture, ancient hedgerows, broadleaf woodland, planted pine forest, and rough grasslands provide important habitats that support a diversity of wildlife and present a varied backdrop that any walker can readily appreciate.

The area holds an assortment of archaeological remains providing evidence of early prehistoric activity. Round barrows in the area indicate that Bronze Age people settled here, probably farming the fertile sheltered lands of the lower hillsides and valleys and choosing the prominent hills in the area to bury their dead.

Llanfynydd has strong connections with the Dark Ages (often termed the “Age of the Saints” in Wales) and the growth of Christianity following Roman rule. One of Wales’s finest examples of an early Christian stone cross (the Cross of Eiudon) carved with an intricate pattern of Celtic knots and thought to date back to tenth century, once stood on a mound at the southern tip of the parish. The parish church was dedicated to Egwad, a Celtic saint of the Dark Ages, and the mediaeval parish name was Llanegwad Fynydd.

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  1. Paul Churchward

    My wife and I stayed in a cottage in your peaceful village in April 2019. The cottage was Gardener’s Cottage at Stangwrach Holiday Cottages. We had a very relaxing stay, enjoyed doing walks around the village, also visiting the church. We certainly would recommend to anyone a stay in your village.

    Victoria point

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