Community Notice – Review of Community Action Plan 12th October 2021

The Llanfynydd Community Council are reviewing their current Community Action Plan at their next meeting on the 12th October.

What do you think Llanfynydd needs are in the short, medium and long term. Your views are welcome and will be passed on to the Council for discussion.

Either by commenting or messaging on FB page, “Llanfynydd Community News”, by using the “Contact Us” tab on the home page of our Community website or by email direct to”

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Community Notice – Review of Community Action Plan 12th October 2021”

  1. Hilary Coole

    Some kind of building on the Hall Plot for coffee mornings/meetings/get togethers. We desperately need an independant place for residents to meet up. Big clean up and tidy up of the whole village and the public footpaths, better signage for these, litter picking incentives etc. Community Council put us forward for best kept village to give us the impetus as a community to make our environment look the best it can. We need to get pride back into the community and all work together for the greater good. Hanging baskets to compliment the planters. Lots more festive lights strung up at Christmas time. Regular meetings with the community to discuss whats needed, what we would like to see done. Transparency on what money is available and how it should be spent, this should be decided by the community and instruction given to the community council. If we don’t know what monies are available and what is possible how can we decide whats best to do. The community council need to have much more communication with the residents and be open and honest about what they can do to help us all. A suggestion for a close by field to be rented for dog walking and activities could also stretch to a year fair. Somewhere that we could a hold a farmers market as I am sure that a lot of goods are produced that would benefit the whole community. How we as a community could help the environment and save energy (what initiatives are out there? Planting more trees and wild flowers. Getting together with the farming communities to establish better farming policies with regard rewilding and helping birds and wildlife and insects thrive. Becoming more self sufficient as a village community in some way. Starting a minibus run from here to Court Henry where the bus service runs to save fuel and emissions and help the elderly get out more. So many things that need doing and we should all be involved in helping the community council to achieve some of these things ie “the big society” getting together to make things happen. As I said you need to communicate at regular meetings at the Pen y bont, there are loads of new people moved in that haven’t a clue how things run or work and I am sure they would be happy to go to a meeting to find out how we can make things happen.

    1. Debbie

      Lots of good ideas Hilary, some good conversations on Facebook too I hope the Council take these into consideration as well, I know not everyone is on Facebook so many residence may not be aware of all the comments.

  2. Hilary Coole

    Having mentioned the importance of communication between residents and the cc in my previous comments I note that the cc have made no attempt to communicate this review meeting to the residents. They haven’t put anything out on social media or the website themselves or on the notice boards in the village. Residents are allowed to go to these meetings but no information about how to join the meeting has been forth coming or the importance about the review of the Community Action Plan and that it is OUR money you are deciding on how to spend. This is very remiss of you, you have a duty of care to inform the community, of which you represent, about such an important review. Please make sure you publish everywhere the Time, ID and Password for the zoom meeting so all community members and residents can join. I expect that once you have had the review meeting you will allow the community/residents to see your proposed plan and be allowed to vote on whether it is what they want their money spent on or whether they have further ideas which will then need to be discussed. This kind of meeting with residents should really have been done before this review so you could collect the thoughts and ideas of the residents you represent. I really hope you don’t expect to just decide amongst yourselves and instigate the plan. THIS PLAN MUST BE PASSED BY THE RESIDENTS NOT JUST YOU IT IS THEIR MONEY AND THEIR COMMUNITY. I am sure the Pen y bont will be happy to hold a masked and socially distanced meeting in their very large back room for this purpose.

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