“Hall Plot” Plant Information

Through the  “Hall Plot” project, funded by Tidy Towns Community Led Funding, the Llanfynydd Community Council were able to purchase trees, shrubs and flowers to enhance the garden.  The following are some of the plants that have been planted:

Lavender (Lavandula)
Evergreen bushy shrub, has very dense foliage made up of short silver green leaves, from mid to late summer produces spikes of scented deep purple flowers, perfect for a herb garden and for attracting wildlife.

Most of us are familiar with the way that buddleia’s attract a variety of butterflies, so much so that it is often known as the ‘butterfly bush’.

Heather has very long lasting, sweet smelling flowers that will attract many insects with their sweet nectar. It will provide colour and plenty of interest in the garden.

Clethra (Sweet Pepperbush)
This upright shrub has fragrant white flower spikes in late summer. The blooms look like bottle brushes and attract butterflies and bees.

Pig yr Wydd – Cooking Apple
The Welsh name translates as “Goose’s Bill”, probably an illusion of the curved patterns on the side of the fruit. This cooking apple seems to do well in farm orchards in the wetter western areas.

Quince (Cydonia) – Meech’s Prolific
The large, yellow aromatic fruit of the Quince is perfect for turning into jellies or jams.  It is a worthwhile addition to the fruit garden because it is easy to look after and not prone to many of the more common fruit problems.

Sunset Desert Apple
A good tasting apple, Sunset is similar to Cox.

Many thanks to the pupils and staff of Llanfynydd School and Mr and Mrs Barry Palmer, Cwmsannan, for the planting of the fruit trees and to the Llanfynydd Village Society for the planting of the flowers and shrubs.