Llanfynydd Village Society


The Llanfynydd Village Society will Promote:

Activities, Events and Fundraising in Llanfynydd for Community Regeneration and Community Events. The Society will Encourage Public Interest in the:

• Care, Beauty, History and Character of the village
• Social life of the Community

We are looking for help, ideas and support. Your views count and are important. Contact: Lvs.info@yahoo.co.uk

Our Current Committee Members

Helen Sargent, Hilary Coole, Claire Papworth, Meirion Jones, Grace Maidment.

Our Aims & Objectives:

• Asking the views of the community to revitalise our village
• Protect the physical environment & maintain its rural aspect
• Encourage high standards of village planning by supporting & protecting the interest of the individuals & the community
• Encouraging & improving communication & information
• Identifying individual skills in the community
• Attracting people into the village
• Seeking funding for projects undertaken
• Improving eyesores
• Having our eyes wide open to opportunities around us

Llanfynydd Tea Towels are no longer available

Proceeds go towards community projects.

The LVS are pleased to confirm, Llanfynydd Tea Towels have all been sold and are no longer available.

Thank you to all who purchased.

Llanfynydd tea towels for sale

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