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Vehicle guidance for access to Recycling Centres

As promised at the Environmental and Public Protection Scrutiny meeting held on 18th April 2019, please find attached a leaflet which provides vehicle guidance for access to recycling centres [Action log EPP-020 18/19].

Further information and frequently ask questions (FAQ’s) regarding the changes to recycling centres is available on the Council website:-



Target! 1 Million Welsh Speakers by 2050



Llanfynydd recently held a “Welsh Evening” with Cefin Campbell giving a very informative talk on “The History of the Welsh Language”.

The evening was well attended by Welsh speakers, learners and non Welsh speakers and much information about the language was discovered

We are grateful to Lynwen Davies for attending with the Simultaneous Translation service and also to the ladies that provided the Bara Brith. Welsh Cakes, tea and coffee.

It was noted that several of the people present are attending Welsh classes and if anyone else is interested in joining a class, go to the website “ am fwy o wybodaeth.

Chwilio am tendrau am dorri porfa . we are looking for tenders for grass cutting

Cyngor Cymuned LlanfynyddCommunity Council


Rydym yn chwilio am dendrau am dorri porfa I fynny at 10 o weithiau , a chwyni, ag ail symud   torriadau glaswell a chwyn.Yn lleoliad hen neuadd y pentre.

Tendrau i’w derbyn gan y clerc erbyn 01/03/2019.


We are seeking tenders for up to 10 cuts of the grassed area , weeding and removal of grass cuttings and weeds at the area known as the Hall Plot in Llanfynydd.

Tenders to be received by the clerk by the 01/03/2019 .