Author: Lyndsey Maiden

Temporary Road Closure

A request has been received for the temporary closure of the B4310 Abergorlech from a point 4 miles south-west of its junction with the B4337 for a total distance of 986 metres in a south-westerly direction.

The closure is necessary to ensure public safety whilst MJQuinn carry out urgent works between 0900 hours and 1500 hours Thursday 5th August, 2021.

The alternative route for south-west bound traffic will be to proceed in north-easterly direction along the B4310 to its junction with the B4337. At the junction, turn right and continue in a south-easterly direction along the B4337 to its junction with the B4302. At the junction, turn right and continue in a south-easterly to southerly direction along the B4302 to its junction with the TR A40. At the junction, turn right and continue in a south-westerly direction along the TR A40 to its junction with the B4310 (Nantgaredig). At the junction, turn right and continue in a northerly to north-easterly direction along the B4310 to return to a point south-west of the closure. Vice Versa for north-east bound traffic.

Hall Plot Update

Llanfynydd Hall Plot Llanfynydd Hall Plot-Llanfynydd Hall Plot Llanfynydd Hall Plot-Llanfynydd Hall Plot 5 Llanfynydd Hall Plot-Llanfynydd Hall Plot 4 Llanfynydd Hall Plot-Llanfynydd Hall Plot 3 Llanfynydd Hall Plot-Llanfynydd Hall Plot 2 Llanfynydd Hall Plot-Llanfynydd Hall Plot 2 2 Llanfynydd Hall Plot 6 Llanfynydd Hall Plot 3 Llanfynydd Hall Plot 2

In April, the “Hall Plot” , Llanfynydd re-opened . A lovely place for local people and visitors to visit, relax and enjoy the view. The area, opposite to Spite Chapel, has some children’s play equipment and is looked after by Llanfynydd Community Council and volunteers. All are welcome, but do follow COVID 19 guidlines.

Llanfynydd LVS Bullet Points Winter 2020

Llanfynydd Community Group LVS


Winter 2020

Our Community Footpaths

We have discussed walking and marking our local footpaths, and will note the paths that require
better signage and also maintenance to become passable. We referenced the Carmarthenshire

Council maps and County Walks Leisure Time brochures.

We agreed more accessible footpaths would bring visitors into the Community, which in turn would
possibly bring trade to local businesses. We would look at roundabout walks, ability to park in the
Village, consider dog friendly walks and note different levels of ability.

Our Community Website – www.

Increased Business advertising for a small annual fee on our Community website, would finance
additional features, as discussed at our Community Meeting with WedigMedia. We will promote the
website on our FaceBook pages.

The Village Hall Trust.

The Hall Plot remains closed off from the Community. The Community Council now holds the “Hall
Trust” as Sole Trustee, this is an additional responsibility to Community Council business. The Land
Registry Office has yet to complete the registration of the Trust land, which needs to have the
boundaries confirmed as there is a small discrepancy.

Covid 19

Due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic, we have been restricted in how we hold our meetings and the
activities we wish to carry out. We are hopeful we will be able to resume these next year. The Society
will extend our current membership fee until 1st July 2021.

We wish everybody a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year 2021.

Llanfynydd Parish Church

sponsorship poster

Llanfynydd Parish Church
Benefice Of Catheiniog

The Vicar, Church Wardens and members of the above church wish to convey their grateful thanks and appreciation to members of the community for their continuity in maintaining the church yard in its pristine condition. Situated as it is in the centre of the village, St. Egwad’s church,  built around 1291 is a very old edifice and it is very pleasing to see its grounds looking so well kept.

It is very pleasing, when we are in the throes of a pandemic that people have not forgotten the Christian ethic of helping their neighbours.

As in many churches our congregation is very sparse and elderly, unable to carry out the many tasks involved with the church, our finances are not sufficient to employ a groundsman.

Our church roof is leaking badly and we were wondering how to solve the problem. It is said that “God moves in many and various ways his wonders to perform “ when along comes a good Samaritan Mr Derek Harrison, Sannon Court (the old vicarage). He is going to run a ‘Virtual Brighton Marathon’ around Penybont-Bryn-yr-Eglwys-Bronglyn-Farmers-Penybont and is seeking sponsorship, where all the money raised will go to repair the church roof. There are additional sponsorship leaflets circulating giving precise details of how to participate.

To Spencer’s Derek please contact the church treasurer Mr Cliff Price at Penlan House on 01558668659. All Cheques to be made out to LLANFYNYDD CHURCH-BUILDING MAINT FUND.

We hope the community will support Derek wholeheartedly in this arduous task that he is about to undertake to safeguard the future of the Parish Church.